You’ve Sprung Ahead, Now Spring Into Colour!

The Spring 2012 shows were fraught with models “strutting their stuff” in living colour to funky beats.  Not to mention the sea of  fashionistas looking on, more than ready to introduce a bit of happy into their wardrobes by way of colour, colour and more colour.  Before you run out to buy that canary yellow suit you’ve been wondering if you can pull off, remember, this trend is most likely a passing one.  This is not meant to put a damper on your excursion to the mall, but to be the catalyst for words of reason.

As we all know by now, every trend is a recycled, albeit, updated version of a past trend.  This is to be expected, however, based on past experiences we’ve learned to exercise caution.  If colour is not done in a rich, luxurious fabric, it tends to look cheap, and don’t even think about being photographed in it.  Yet, to invest in the high-end designer pieces pictured here is not realistic, unless you have expendable income or happen to be living on a trust fund.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m no scrooge when it comes to colour, in fact, I appreciate the happiness it brings as well as anyone, however, I appreciate shopping smartly even more.  There is a sensible way to partake in this fun trend without sacrificing the rent or settling for less.  Let’s take a look at a few accessorizing options:

On a 10 point scale of hotness, this shoe tips the scales with a whopping 100 points at least!  Personally, a shoe like this would fulfill my craving for colour, and would be my only colour purchase for the season.  There would be no need for any additions since I’d be wearing these every moment of every hour of every day this Spring/Summer.

On your next visit to your faithful manicurist, leave your inhibitions outside the door, and go for the gusto with a bright nail shade.  This is a great way to partake in this trend for those who can’t easily be swayed out of their black.  Attention all you New Yorkers… (OPI Nail Shades- $7-$8)

Take a walk on the wild side with Nars’ Shiap lipcolour, nothing says colour like it! (Available at fine department stores- $24)

So you see, there’s something for everyone where colour is concerned… aren’t you glad you didn’t splurge on that canary yellow suit after all?