Ready For Summer?

With summertime comes soaring temperatures, endless pool parties and get-togethers. Sometimes it can be challenging to look pulled together while taking into consideration the sweltering heat.  After all, the traditional beach flip-flop, shorts and a tee just won’t do for the average Stylista.  Natasha shows us how to keep it simple while looking like effort was made…IMG_2828

You can’t go wrong with a fitted little black dress paired with a stacked heel sandal.  Depending upon where you are in Southern California, temperatures inevitably dip at night, so bring along your favourite, worn denim jacket.  A top bun keeps the look clean and fresh while the mirrored aviators add sass.

I like it!

DJ Adam Excess

Whether Adam Casey (better known as Adam Excess) is gearing up to DJ a gig in some part of the world, or just hanging out prowling for catchy beats to add to his endless library of music, his style is always on point.A backwards baseball cap, destroyed tee, loose cropped cotton pants, sneakers, arm candy and an exquisite tattoo make for a pulled together, yet relaxed look.

The Pencil Skirt Resurrected

I’ve more than my fair share of pencil skirts, which haven’t been worn for some time.  I go through fashion phases. It was all about the skinny, bootcut & boyfriend denim styles for awhile, and although I’m not ditching any of the above, I think it’s time to resurrect my pencil skirts.   Today I opted for this asymmetrical Esisto pencil skirt in eggplant, with a cropped fisherman’s sweater from American Apparel, Alexander Wang shoes and one of my favourite statement pieces of Jewelry. A necklace I found years ago at a consignment shop in Chicago. 

This look is feminine, sexy, relevant and most anyone can rock it. I don’t know about you, however, I need a hiatus from denim everyday. Time to get back in touch with my feminine side;)

Stylista Muse: Chic & Cozy In The California Chill

How annoying is it to listen to a Southern Californian complain about cold weather?  I’ve made the mistake of commenting a few times, rather innocently about the cold on occasion, and each time I would no longer be among the living if looks could kill.  Of course, it would be in the company of someone from the East Coast or Mid-West.  These days I’m sure not to come across as complaining, however, as one who happily embraces it. Although the weather has been inclement, we handle it with thin layers, keeping it chic and cozy.  We never know if temps will soar by midday, this way we’re able to remove pieces if necessary, while maintaining a relevant, modern look.

Natasha is rocking one of my favourite looks.  There’s no bulk, the lines are clean and black and white are timeless together.  Each of these pieces came from Natasha’s personal wardrobe.  This double breasted 3/4 length thin wool coat over a flecked grey sweater paired with skinny, white denim and the perfect stacked heel sandal, garner little Ms. Natasha, Stylista Muse…the top bun is such the icing on this look.

The Jumpsuit Craze

I have attempted to purchase more jumpsuits than I can count, however, each time I feel like a prison inmate when I see my reflection staring back at me in the mirror.  There are so many variations of silhouettes in jumpsuits, it really shouldn’t be so complicated, yet, for me it was.


About one year ago, I found this electric blue sleeveless silk number.  It offered a fitted silhouette, built in sash around the waist and the versatility of wearing them scrunched up or longer.  I had totally forgotten about it until I began cleaning out my closet for my upcoming move.  I must say, It was a pleasant little surprise.  This one is made by Rock Stella & Jamie…now if only I could find a flattering neutral coloured version.

It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Summer

Today is the first truly warm, bordering on hot,  day in Southern California, and I love everything about it!  As much as I love layering and the cool, brisk days of winter here in Cali, I’m ready for the beach, barbecues (veggie burgers and seitan please) and getting the sun kissed glow from being in the elements a bit too long most likely. Because I needed to look somewhat put together today with meetings on the books, I’d have hours to myself afterwards, therefore, I chose a lightweight, simple ensemble.

This is my first time wearing this very comfy, sheer Nesh top and lightweight Anine Bing jeans. I went with my most comfortable Ash wedge shoes and minimal accessories. I don’t always hit the mark, however, I think I did good today;)…

only quandary ahead of me?  How to keep the white spot-free…ah well, an ongoing dilemma;))