It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Summer

Today is the first truly warm, bordering on hot,  day in Southern California, and I love everything about it!  As much as I love layering and the cool, brisk days of winter here in Cali, I’m ready for the beach, barbecues (veggie burgers and seitan please) and getting the sun kissed glow from being in the elements a bit too long most likely. Because I needed to look somewhat put together today with meetings on the books, I’d have hours to myself afterwards, therefore, I chose a lightweight, simple ensemble.

This is my first time wearing this very comfy, sheer Nesh top and lightweight Anine Bing jeans. I went with my most comfortable Ash wedge shoes and minimal accessories. I don’t always hit the mark, however, I think I did good today;)…

only quandary ahead of me?  How to keep the white spot-free…ah well, an ongoing dilemma;))

Stylista Muse, Leila Kashanipour

296401As much as I adore fashion, summertime is not my favourite season for it, most keep it super simple in 100 degree weather.  If you’ve seen one tee with cutoff denim shorts and Frye boots, you’ve seen them all.  A style I have grown a bit attached to is the “boyfriend” jean, in fact, they’ve become a staple for me.  They’re comfortable, stylish and can be dressed up or down.

Because I work in an environment which promotes “fashion freedom,” this look has become my go-to and I prefer to always dress them up, otherwise, they can look a bit tomboyish.  This week’s Stylista Muse, Leila Kashanipour, is on point with her Balmain jacket and Chanel handbag mixed with moderately priced items.  The end result?  Comfort with a reflection of her innate style.

Photo courtesy of Stockholm Streetstyle

Cheers For Fall 2012

Oh how I’ve missed you Fall!  As one who adores Summer in the sun and on the beach, I am happy for Fall’s arrival.  Although we’ve seen many of these Fall trends before, (with just the right amount of tweaks for each go around), it’s no wonder since many of them wear so well.

Here are a few of my favourites:


When I first saw someone sporting a pair of wedge sneakers, I believe I laughed out loud just as I did with the stiletto sneaker. I’m still laughing out loud when I see the stiletto, however, the jokes on me with this updated wedge…yes, they have made there way to my wish list. Edgy, chic and with an urban twist, clearly sneakers aren’t what they used to be.


Who doesn’t adore cozy sweaters when the temperatures plummet?  This season you’ll see plenty in bulky, worn styles great for layering.


Tattered jeans are back, and this time the look is a mix of sheer sophistication on top with flats… oh yes, great flats are everywhere.  I am celebrating like it’s 1999 because I can never find flats that don’t look like something my 12 year old niece would wear… woo hoo!

Fall/Winter 2012/2013 is looking good ladies, I for one am so excited to get my shop on…

Fall Snapshot & Today’s Stylista Muse

It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall, after a long run of unseasonably hot, humid, triple digit temperatures. The hues, fabrics and layering that mark the beginning of the season are so appealing. On a recent trip to Anthropologie, I found several versatile pieces I’m sure to get plenty of wear. I’ll share them with you over the next few days, starting with this striped & lace pullover.

Top: Deleeta lace & lines pullover in the grey motif from Anthropologie/ Classic with a fitting twist of rust lace. I like the fact it can be dressed up as seen or down with boyfriend jeans and flats. It is also available in a blue motif.

Slacks: Zara Woman/ I purchased these slacks either last season or the one before, they are crafted impeccably and I have definitely gotten my money’s worth, the cut and colour are timeless/ Shoes: vintage mary janes

And for today’s Stylista Muse pick…

Elisha Suarez has such a quirky style sensibility, it is quite the accurate representation of her personality, and what I absolutely adore is her ability to have fun with fashion…the quintessential muse

The top and skirt are both from her vintage collection

Shelly Holmes, Los Angeles Based Pop Artist With Style

After a much needed respite from Los Angeles, I’m back and rested from my excursion to Memphis, Tennessee where I had an amazing time with my dad and extended family.  I’ll share more about the culture and tourist attractions in a later post.

For now, I’d like to introduce you to Shelly Holmes, pop artist extraordinaire, who invited me to take a glimpse of her world on a recent shoot at her loft apartment in Los Angeles.  Not only is her art eclectic and novel, but so is her style sensibility.  First thing first, come along with me on a little art showing…

Right before entering Shelly’s kitchen area, her guest’s are met with this precious mural.

As we enter the living room area, the eye is immediately drawn to the purple sofa and chair, this neutral toned mural adds just the right amount of balance.

As we set off for to our next destination, this collage of pop art embellishes the hallway to the entrance.

Here we are at I Love Lulu Hair Spa, an innovative hair salon located in Los Angeles’ Miracle Mile, where Shelly’s unique design aesthetic in culmination with the owner’s, is reflected throughout, with her pieces adorning the walls along with witty quotes.

In addition to being quite the talented pop artist, Shelly’s affinity toward fashion, comes as no surprise.  Her style is a fusion of conventional and edgy, chic.  She’s not one to follow trends, but wears styles she is attracted to and work well with her frame.  This perspective is a key ingredient to achieving a look which is not contrived.

To view and for more information on Shelly’s pop art, click here.

Photos: Donyale Anise/ Top & Boots: BCBG/ Skirt: Odille/ Accessories: Vintage

Styled By A Stylista

Southern California summer’s usually mean the same tank and shorts you may don for daytime will leave you with a bit of a chill come nightfall, as the temperatures tend to drop substantially.  Of course, our recent heatwave has been the exception to this norm.  Given the average summer day here in Los Angeles, light fabrics that can be layered are ideal.

This Rachel Pally maxi dress is perfect for a hot summer day because of the lightweight choice of fabric.  It hangs and flows beautifully, I usually like to utilize strong accessories with it because of the nude shade and simple cut.  I appreciate Rachel Pally maxi dresses because they are flattering on most figures, however, my dilemma is often finding one that drags the ground, with my 5’8″ stature (6′ with the ideal platform), Ms. Pally delivers.  Although it gets a bit dirty as it goes about the day dragging the ground, I’m able to throw it in the hand wash cycle with Woolite and cold water, and it’s back to new again.

The bodice has a lovely Grecian feel, with an asymmetrical cut, the one sleeved look has become classic. with a tasteful kick of sex appeal

Belt:  Urban Outfitters/Kimchi Blue

Layering with this H&M oversized boyfriend shirt is one of many options.  This transforms the look to the bohemian, and because I enjoy layering so much, I might also add a beanie and summer scarf depending on how cool it gets.  I have a few of these shirts and they are now a staple in my wardrobe, so comfy, I often find myself reaching for it.  Because it can look a tad masculine, I always wear feminine accessories when I choose this style… at $12.95 the quality is outstanding.

I endearingly refer to this piece as my “chandelier” necklace, I’ve had more than a couple of observers share with me how it reminds them of just that.  I totally agree, which is probably the reason it is one of my favourite pieces, I happen to have quite an affinity toward chandeliers.  It is from one of my favourite consignment boutiques in Chicago, Selections, where one of the city’s most talented stylist’s, Konah Hatcher, is available to help enhance your look and personal flair.

These Jean Paul Gaultier leggings have become a staple in my wardrobe, I wear them with so much.  Although the Rachel Pally dress covers them, in certain lighting because of the transparency of the dress, the pattern can be seen.  Sometimes I knot the dress to one side so they are revealed which also changes the look entirely.

What’s a maxi dress without a great platform?  Still a lovely dress… nonetheless, I opt for these great canvas Steve Madden’s.  Owning a pair of Steve Madden shoes is like owning a Japanese car, in my experience, both are made to last a lifetime.  I have yet to wear a pair out, I typically end up giving them away.  I can just see all you shoe snobs now with brows raised as you read this, and yes, I appreciate a great pair of Loub’s or LV’s as much as the next girl, but until I can freely purchase them with cash while living within my means, I know they’re in safe keeping at my local Barney’s, Neiman’s or Saks.

For some reason, whisking about the city in a maxi dress and tote is so idyllic and apropos.  It also gives me plenty of room for my beanie, a lightweight summer scarf and all the other “girly” essentials.  I am a true fan of Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B apparel and accessory line, the pieces are constructed well and super edgy, this tote has been through the gamut, yet when it starts to show, I just toss it in my trusted hand wash cycle with Woolite and cold water… ahhh, back to new again.


Stylista Muse

Photo: Stockholm Street Style

Lately I’ve been drawn to dresses and skirts, I simply cannot go into a clothing store as of late and neglect either.  It seems my style evolves every few years, and with each evolution I feel more comfortable with the skin I’m in, as well as the clothing  I layer on top of it.  This lovely little dress has the perfect feminine silhouette, and the detail is simply divine.  The delicate, simple accessories create just the right amount of balance… way to go Tamra, Stylista Muse of the day!

Styled By A Stylista

As I recently evaluated my wardrobe, I realized I really don’t need one more article of clothing, in fact, the thought of shopping seems a bit gluttonous at the moment. Nonetheless, with every new season comes the urge to purchase the seasons “must-haves.” I’ve challenged myself to resist the temptation and restyle the pieces I have, whether “in” or “out” by fashion industry standards, and actually wear those pieces with tags still attached after months…now that’s a novel idea. This is not to say I will abstain from shopping completely, however, I will be much more discriminating when I do.

So here’s today’s ensemble:

I typically wear these Marc Jacobs skinny jeans with an over-sized top and Tom’s shoes. I restyled them to reflect a more urban chic vibe, and this is the outcome.

  • The blazer ($89.90) was a Christmas gift from Zara, given to me by my very stylish brother, the tags are still intact, it’s definitely due for donning soon
  • I appreciate bold statement accessories, hence, the necklace ($50 on sale from $100) purchased in Chicago from, Selections, managed by one of the city’s most talented stylist’s, Konah Hatcher. If you ever venture to Chicago, a visit to this lovely boutique located in the heart of Lincoln Park, will prove to be a welcome treat.
  • The tee is American Apparel (free) given to me by one of the production companies I work
  • This leather eggplant handbag ($5.99) is a treasure I found at Goodwill eight years ago


I purchased these Marc Jacobs jeans 4 years ago from Loehmann’s at an incredible price. They started off at $158 marked down to $99, there was an additional 50% off for an allotted period of time on clearance, and because the zipper was broken I received an additional 50% off reducing my total to $25 plus tax. I have worn these jeans more times than I could ever count, they are super comfortable with the feel of a second skin, and the zipper was an easy fix for my tailor.

These Elizabeth & James booties were a Christmas gift from my Dad, which I also have yet to wear. They were purchased from My Habit for $100 marked down from $300. This bootie looks great on, with a slightly distressed look, and I like the detail of the hidden platform, however, I don’t understand how anyone would have spent $300 on them. Although they are leather uppers and soles, the quality of the leather is not the best, I prefer Elizabeth & James clothing, many of the shoe styles I’ve seen lack the quality you’d expect to see given the price point. $100 is the most they should ever have been priced, to begin with, in my humble opinion… the true test will be how well they hold up once I begin wearing them.

This entire ensemble cost $271.89, the cost at full retail value would have been $677.90


Stylista Muse Bonus Edition

Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle

This look of the feminine chic meets grunge is one I’ve been loving for some time.  I would rock every piece from head to toe, without any qualms, well maybe one… a few inches added to the dress please.  I’m no “fuddy duddy,” however, the thought of possibly “flashing” someone in the event I should have to bend over for any reason, is not one I relish…

Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle

Bonus!  I know this segment is called “Stylista Muse,” and I don’t know many men who would appreciate this moniker, so for our bonus Stylista…I mean Stylisto Muse, Julian gets my vote.  I love everything about this ensemble and if I were a fella, I’d be donning it… actually, since I’m not a fella,  I could probably feminize it with a great Louboutin pump and a few layered girly accessories.  Whatever the case may be, it’s not about me at the moment, Julian makes the debut as my first Stylisto in the history of Musings of a Stylista…I’m inspired, and on the prowl for the next.

Jay Kay, Lead Singer of Jamiroquai… Style, Soul & Swag

The name Jamiroquai sparks such fond memories of countless good times. Front man of this UK based band, Jason Luis Cheetham, better known as Jay Kay is the reason. I remember when Jamiroquai first launched on the scene in America with the release of Emergency On Planet Earth, it was love at first listen, and what a beautiful journey it’s been ever since. The soulful sound of Jay Kay’s voice along with the funky, eclectic vibe of his band drew me in like a Stylista to Christian Louboutin’s. I was front row and center at his very first performance in Chicago, which was in this little ‘dive.’ It was so intimate, in fact, a few of us in the audience were invited on stage to perform side-by-side the man himself. Memories like these are absolutely priceless, Jay Kay had a way of bringing the audience into his world, as well as each others.

My friends and I never missed a Jamiroquai performance, and when we would leave the respective venue they happened to be performing, we found we had formed a litany of bonds, of course this is no longer the case, the days of enjoying Jay Kay in such intimacy are long gone. With the release of Virtual Insanity from Jamiroquai’s third album Traveling Without Moving, the band catapulted to new heights here in the States.

Jay Kay is known for an array of elaborate hats and headgear, not to mention a quirky take on style choices on stage, while keeping it tasteful, effortless and streamlined off, which is probably another reason I have such an affinity for him…the man’s got a great style sensibility along with serious swag, and his offbeat dance moves are such icing on the proverbial cake. With the thousands of artists in my iPod, Jay Kay is one I haven’t grown tired of after all these years. His music is timeless, soulful and takes me back to a time when life was so much simpler.

This first video, Emergency On Planet Earth, is an oldie, but oh so good, from Jamiroquai’s debut album of the same title.