Stylista Muse-Special Edition

One of my personal favourite segments on Musings Of A Stylista are the Stylista Muse posts. I have such an appreciation for women who make fashion choices based on individual tastes, preferences and personality, versus wearing trends simply because the fashion industry dictates whether it’s “in” or “out.” As much as I love fashion, it is not at all difficult to allow it to become an obsession, coveting every new trend on the horizon. After many years I finally wised up, and kudos to those Stylistas who’ve mastered the art of making fashion their own.

Deanna Lawson is wearing a vintage dress with boutique shoes, and this is further confirmation of my adoration for vintage shopping. This dress looks modern, feminine and effortless with the integration of Deanna’s choice of accessories.

Tanya Diallo wears this tribal print maxi dress very well. The pattern is great with the perfect balance of colour, definitely the ideal dress for a walk along the beach, vibrant city streets or a great summertime al fresco dinner… this dress is so versatile, and apropos for many occasions.

Quiana Grant is wearing a Rag & Bone blazer, top and skirt, the mix of edgy and soft is so appealing to the eye. The pop of colour creates such a seamless look, and these pieces are also great apart from one another as well, which allows Quiana to pair them with other pieces to achieve a completely different look and style.

Nadine Hounkpatin is wearing a vintage mix from Paris, and the flow is like the perfect melody of your favourite song. From Hounkpatin’s hairstyle to her feet, this is such a great illustration of the marriage (albeit polygamous) between relevant pieces to create a fabulous outcome. White shoes are an absolute ‘no-no’ for me, however, this put-together stylista proves they can be done quite well.

I am not one to mix more than three colours at a time, however Ms. Enyinne Owunwanne has helped to change my perspective. I see more than four different colours here and wouldn’t change a thing about how she pieced each together. The jacket is Hayden Harnet, the blouse Heritage 1960 (for which Ms. Owunwanne is the founder), and the shoes are Calvin Klein. The frames, hairstyle, scarf and handbag add so much flavour to this look, Enyinne owns this style.

Courtesy: Essence/Photos: Hannan Saleh