Not Your Dad’s Suit

Suiting up has changed drastically.  No more the conservative investment banker suit of the past.  Now it’s all about a choice of colours, as well as silhouettes.  I happen to find a sleek, clean, silhouette with just the right detail appealing.Èlan is wearing a Top Shop suit, Zara shirt & shoes from his collection.  In addition, he has opted for an edgier haircut to bring more dimension to his overall look.   

Well done Èlan!


Stylista Muse

This ensemble is completely unexpected and whimsical…it actually makes me smile.  Must be the varsity jacket which adds such a touch of nostalgia, not to mention a Fall trend you’ll be seeing, Topshop’s on board with a beautiful burgundy version.  Not everyone can rock this look, however, I like the fact today’s Stylista Muse, Kate Foley, committed to it and actually looks great doing so.

Photo: Jacket: Opening Ceremony/ Dress: Proenza Schouler/ Shoes: Miu Miu/ Bag: Olympia Le Tan