Trend Turned Classic

Trends come and go, however, many maintain longevity and from there a classic is born.  Let’s take leggings, for instance, they are now a true classic. In fact, there are many clothing companies, recently launched, where the main focus is leggings.  They are getting more and more sophisticated with each launch as a result of innovative ideas.  More on leggings in a separate piece.  

For now, it’s all about upscale, dressy sneakers, which have become a staple in the wardrobe of many women who want to maintain style while NOT compromising on comfort.  The days of wearing sky high heels for hours in a day are o-v-e-r!  I’m certainly not suggesting you toss your Louboutins, as they are more than apropos for a romantic dinner or special evening where you’re seated for most of the event.  However, for the woman on the go with people to see and places to be, whose day begins before the sun shows it’s beautiful rays, and ends when it bids us good-bye for the day…a hot, fabulous sneaker seems to be the go-to.


Saint Laurent


Golden Goose


Maison Martin Margiela

These are just a few of the more popular styles available… based on my profession, comfort is a necessity.  My latest acquisition on the sneaker front, was this pair of Laura Bellariva’s from Gregory’s on Melrose Avenue.  


I dress them up or down depending upon all the day entails.  Recently I donned them with a white tee, boyfriend jeans and a few fun accessories.


These Are A Few Of My Favourite Trends

The weather here in Southern California has been a bit inclimate, albeit, lovely just the same.  The fluctuations have certainly kept us on our toes, having to don jackets while enduring heat-waves, all in the matter of a week.  For some reason I am starting to feel like Spring is definitely on the verge of kicking in full swing.  For this Spring/Summer I challenged myself with including more brights in my wardrobe, since they were all over the runways for Fashion Week, however, this lasted all of two weeks.  I’m simply not one for bright colours, I prefer rich earth tones, which is the reason Fall is my favourite season for fashion.  Nevertheless, in lieu of bright colours, there are three trends I’ve incorporated into my wardrobe, and have been loving.


This colour has truly given my wardrobe a lift, and it isn’t terribly overpowering, but more of a jewel-toned splash of colour to create just the right amount of balance with all the neutrals I own.

Photos: (runway detail), (bag), (shoes)


I have had a great time mixing ethnic prints with others in my wardrobe, so reminiscent of my bohemian days, but done with much more sophistication and elegance.

Photos: (blouse), (bag), (shoe), (earrings)


I have never been one for florals, even as a little girl, they always seemed much too cutesy for my taste.  Well, plenty has changed, florals have evolved to a great place, where I am happy to don them every now and again.  The look is edgy and fierce yet feminine.  Accessorizing is key when it comes to florals, the fusion of leather, geek chic frames or bold jewelry,  for example, surely help to deliver plenty of swag.

Photos: (bag, earrings), (perfume), (shoes)

Is The Skinny Jean Really Most Flattering For Your Figure?

Trends come and go, and while some disappear like a vapor, there are those which have longevity and become staples in the wardrobes of many.  The skinny jean is one such trend, but is the skinny jean the right cut for your frame?  With each season comes a litany of fashion “must haves,” and there is usually something in the mix for everyone, however, not every trend is for everyone.  The skinny jean cut first surfaced in the 50’s, then again in the 80’s and has been going strong since its third introduction around 2007.  The cut of the skinny jean was originally intended for a “skinny” body frame, but has somehow transitioned to the world of plus sizes, which seems to be an oxymoron, a skinny jean on a plus size no longer makes it skinny.  This observation is certainly not meant to malign plus sized women, after all, we come in many different beautiful shapes and sizes, this should be embraced.

Although America is known as the breeding ground for obesity, the average size of women in America is 14, and many in this category are a healthy size based on their frame. Part of the craze with the skinny jean is the name.  We live in a culture so obsessed with size, it isn’t difficult to comprehend why a woman would want to wear something with the name “skinny” in its description.  The modelling industry is indicative of this, with a large majority of working models suffering with anorexia.  In fact, did you know a size 6 model is now considered plus sized?  I was appalled to learn this.  It is time we make fashion choices catered to our own specific needs and innate style, and not because the fashion industry is forcing trends upon us.

Now for a few options to take the place of all those skinny jeans, not only for those who should consider different cuts, which would prove to be more figure flattering, but also for all those who are simply yearning for a different, fresh look after so many years of the skinny jean trend:

Zara Bootcut Jean $59.90- A great option which would give way to a more proportioned look on a larger frame because it is fitted in the thigh area, however, is cut wider in the leg area.

Topshop Premium Wide Leg Trouser $120.00- Although this wider cut causes skepticism for women with a larger frame, as they feel they will look even larger, because of the way this fabric drapes, it actually will have the opposite effect.  The object is not to hide your size, but embrace it while enhancing.

Diane Von Furstenburg Tia Pant $265.00 @ Barneys- I adore this cut, it is so feminine, and is quite flattering on most body frames.  The cut is loose, yet feminine as it gently tapers at the ankle.

The days of being “slaves to fashion” are in the past, and let’s purpose to keep them there.  Choosing styles based on your body type while incorporating a great pop of colour or wedge sandal is a great way to stay current this Spring & Summer.