The Jumpsuit Craze

I have attempted to purchase more jumpsuits than I can count, however, each time I feel like a prison inmate when I see my reflection staring back at me in the mirror.  There are so many variations of silhouettes in jumpsuits, it really shouldn’t be so complicated, yet, for me it was.


About one year ago, I found this electric blue sleeveless silk number.  It offered a fitted silhouette, built in sash around the waist and the versatility of wearing them scrunched up or longer.  I had totally forgotten about it until I began cleaning out my closet for my upcoming move.  I must say, It was a pleasant little surprise.  This one is made by Rock Stella & Jamie…now if only I could find a flattering neutral coloured version.

Shorts Trend Done Well And Oh So Wrong

Although shorts are all the rage at the moment, they are not necessarily my style, however, I can appreciate a shorts ensemble when done well.  Anais Mali is a great example of this.  There is nothing contrived about the way she is rocking this trend, the look is super stylish with effortless results, and the platform sandal takes it up several notches…

on the flip side, PLEASE do not pair summer shorts in 80 degrees weather with Uggs, and stop justifying this ridiculous trend by saying the fleece insoles keep your feet cool.  I own Uggs for my trips to Chicago and other cold climates during the wintertime, and my feet sweat in them when its 20 degrees, I can’t imagine what is happening in them at a whopping 80 degrees and up.  I thought for sure this trend was over and done, but to my dismay, I am seeing this fashion faux pas sprouting up again as the temperatures heat up.  This is one fashion mishap, which will be the source of much embarrassment, as those who partook reflect back on photos years from now.  I’m not sure if this is just an LA trend, but whatever the case may be, oh happy day when it finally goes away!