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Although we may never see the pearly whites of this fashionista, there is no doubt Victoria Beckham consistently serves up serious style.  She has an eye for the most impeccable tailoring, which is apparent whether she is wearing her own Victoria Beckham label or any other designer.  She looks stunning in this navy and black strapless colour block dress from her Victoria Beckham Spring 2012 collection with pointy toe Christian Louboutins.

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty, As I Ditch My Denim For Dresses

Los Angeles living is filled with perks: lovely people, exceptional weather, the feeling of being on a never-ending vacation, great dining and accessible beaches.  However, the one area for improvement is attire, and yes, I include myself in this equation.  Although Los Angeles is the movie mecca, with social events happening every other night, the average LA woman dresses quite casually.  I really received a wake-up call when I looked at my wardrobe recently and realized the denim outnumbered trousers and dresses by a landslide.

I remember when I first arrived in LA twelve years ago, I was appalled by how the dress code seemed to be denim whether strolling along the beach, or dining in a five-star exclusive restaurant.  I vowed how I’d NEVER succumb to this habit I deemed lazy, after all, I had developed a true sense of style having spent time jet-setting from the Midwest to New York, where the women look like they’ve just stepped off the cover of any number of fashion magazines.

Well, “Never say never” as they say…alas, I’ve acclimated quite well to this LA trend over the years.  I’ve also learned the attire here has little to do with laziness, this city is full of “go-getters” and “movers and shakers,” it is simply a mindset.  The culture here is so laid back, everything is “No worries” and “It’ll work out,” and I must add I quite like this aspect, however, fashion has officially been infiltrated because of it.  I’m on a mission to ditch the denim for the pretty.  I’m sure I’ll be back in my beloved denim before long, as for now, I’ve been exploring my options, and to my delight, there are many.  From florals to colour block and even the ethereal, here’s a peek…

Zero Maria Cornejo

Peter Som

Proenza Schouler

Rachel Zoe

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Victoria Beckham

Narciso Rodriguez

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