New Yorkers With Summer Style

With the first sign of warmer temperatures New Yorkers are eager to dress the part after months of cabin fever.  Summer isn’t just about flip flops, tanks and shorts, these New Yorkers show us it is possible to keep cool while looking fashion savvy.

Photos Courtesy of Bek Anderson

Stylista Muse

When summer rolls around, as enticing as it may be to don your favourite sundress and flip flops, it is not acceptable at most work places.  Antonia Wesseloh looks fresh, and work ready in this streamlined look with a pop of colour.  The scarf and handbag add the perfect balance with the turquoise skinny jeans.  This look easily goes from work to play simply by switching out the blazer for a soft, summer blouse and summer sandal in lieu of the short boots.

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Chronicles Of A Stylista

Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer, although not official until June 21, and is used as an occasion to fellowship with friends and family at poolside parties and cookouts. Most important, it is the day set aside to honour those who fought for many of the freedoms we have in this country. My weekend was low key, yet productive, it all began with organizing the closet of a friend of mine.

After spending a few hours purging the closet, we were left with an ample pile of things to go to the Los Angeles Mission, where men and women are in need of clothing, shoes, toiletries, etc. as they prepare to reenter the work force after recovering from drug and alcohol addictions…one of my favourite causes.

I utilized this spacious, distressed bureau to open up more space in the closet. When space is limited, it is sometimes necessary to get creative.

After spending hours cleansing and purging, I was utterly famished. We decided to order Thai food from Pink Elephant in Canoga Park, which was delicious, I had the Pad Thai Tofu…

and what’s Thai food without vegetable rolls?

As my friend dipped her vegetable roll, I couldn’t help but notice her vibrant coral-red nail polish. She raved about the brand Sally Hansen Insta-Dry

As you can see, there is a colour here for everyone, from the daring to the subtle. The colour on my friend is the first one pictured, Sonic Bloom, while I decided to try the second one from the last, Petal Pusher. Now 3 days later, the colour continues to look freshly done, I’m sold on it and look forward to trying some of the other shades. At less than $5 per bottle, it seems an entire nail wardrobe may be in order. By the way, the Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat is the perfect finishing touch.

So after a productive day of closet purging and organizing, great Thai food and an introduction to great new nail products, I thought it’d be ideal to wrap up the Memorial Day weekend with an intimate get-together. I decided to make a pie for my guests, and this was no small feat, as I am not so proficient in the kitchen… nevertheless, I jumped right in…

and voila! The finished product, the Anne’s Delight (named after my friend’s mom and creator).

Pure, yummy goodness…

Good Times For Fashion, Something For Everyone

Loving the world of fashion right now; a time where anything and everything goes…


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The Roaring Twenties

Photos: (shoe, bag, bracelet), (dress), (hat)


Photos: Courtesy of Ford Models (editorial), (top), Browns (bracelet), Collette (shoe), (runway)


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Festival Style

Photos: Tim Barber (editorial), (shirt), (earrings), (shoes)

Five Faves

I have always loved turning my girls onto the little treasures I come across, and now that I have this blog, I am excited about passing these finds on to you;)… Here are todays Five Faves:

Alpha Hydrox products have been around for decades, I remember getting turned onto them back in college, when my budget was tight and I wanted excellent results for minimum pay.  This product left me amazed by the results, which is the reason I continue to be loyal long after my college days.  I use the foaming wash and the AHA Souffle pictured here, which has 12% AHA.  It smooths my skin and has cleared the discolouration over the years.  The price is astounding for all this product offers, at $15 per jar, I have plenty left in my budget to spend on my ever growing list of must-haves.  I order directly from the site because it seems they always have a promotion.  I just ordered a replenishment and received my facial cleanser complimentary!  It’s almost too good to be true, but true it is.  I urge you to check out the site and explore options for your individual skin needs, if you need assistance, phone the customer service number, they are always pleasant and ready to help answer your questions.  If you decide any of the products use the following code at checkout: NC-US-319

Next up, Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder.  Bumble and bumble hair products are among my favourite, and the hair powder is a gem.  It dry cleanses and adds great tint and volume.  For those who have greys sprout up long before the next salon visit for touch ups, this powder is a great way to camouflage, and if you are in between shampoos and the oil is building up, problem solved with this dry cleanser.  This is a great product for set work or if you plan to take photos because it gives the appearance of a thick, healthy mane when sprinkled on side and middle parts in the hair.

Target Up & Up Baby Wipes are a staple in my car, home, purse and set kit.  They are handy for spills, makeup removal, cooling the skin on hot summer days and a multitude of other uses you haven’t even thought about until the moment arises.  They are under $2 and so very handy.

Denim, denim, denim… yes, it has now become the wardrobe staple in the closets of women all across the globe.  Being from a city where dressing up to go to the grocery store was the norm, it took me a while to jump on the denim bandwagon, and now I’m pretty much committed.  I have every style and cut you could possibly imagine from Sevens to AG and Current Elliot, however, my favourite brand is Joe’s.  First off they fit like a glove and secondly they are perfect for those of us with long legs.  I’m 5’8″ and prefer my jeans drag a bit so this coupled with my height can make it challenging to find the perfect denim, not anymore, Joe’s rarely miss the mark for me, and for those who don’t necessarily need the length, you’ll appreciate the comfort.  The material is so soft and feels like a second skin, definitely worth a trip to the tailor.

Last, but surely not least, with hot summer days comes the desire to wear the minimum amount of fabric, especially when you live in areas where humidity is common.  James Perse tees are my answer during these summer months, and of course they are great for layering, as the weather cools.  The cotton is high quality, super soft and thin.  The tees are also offered in a wide variety of colours and styles, and they look great with jeans, trousers, shorts and skirts.  They have become a staple in my wardrobe, and by now, you may know it’s all about the quality for me, so yes, they last forever and a day… not really, but you’ll surely have them for years to come;).

Stylista Muse

Daiane Conterato, a native of Brazil, is no stranger to bold colour.  This ensemble is perfect for the typical summer day.  The green wide-leg trouser offers a great pop of colour and the ideal combination with a loose fitting blouse.  The statement necklace and platform sandal complete this look beautifully.

Photo: Craig Arend

Louis Vuitton Collaboration with Yayoi Kusama

Louis Vuitton has officially confirmed their latest collaboration with avant-garde Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, who eventually acquired the moniker, “Polka Dot Princess,” because of her affinity toward incorporating polka dots into most of her pieces.

Kusama migrated to New York in 1957 where her career began with delicate water colours, however, evolved to include paintings and sculptures using mirrors and electric lights.  This unexpected approach can be attributed to the birth of Yayoi Kusama’s success, the press attention she began to attract, rivaled that of Andy Warhol.

Now established in the 60’s art scene, Kusma’s career expanded to include: body painting festivals, fashion shows and anti-war demonstrations, as well as the film, “Kusama’s Self-Obliteration,” which she starred in and produced.  The film won prizes at the Fourth International Experimental Film competition in Belgium, The Maryland Film Festival and the Ann Arbor Film Festival.  Despite what seemed to be a prosperous career, in 1973, Yayoi Kusama returned to Japan due to financial and mental hardship where she continued to produce and show her works of art.  She also wrote a number of novels and anthologies, in 1983 the novel “The Hustlers Grotto of Christopher Street, ” won the Tenth Literary Award for New Writers from the monthly magazine Yasei Jidai.

Yayoi Kusama incorporated polka dots into everything from stationary objects to herself.  The use of polka dots in her work is a result of a mental illness she has struggled with since childhood when her hallucinations about polka dots began.  Today Kusama, now in her 80’s, resides voluntarily in a mental institution in Japan where she continued to make visual art and sculptures, publish novels, a poetry collection and autobiography.

In 2006 Yayoi Kusama was named the Praemium Imperiale Laureate for lifetime achievement in painting, one of the most prestigious arts prizes.  Today she is considered Japan’s greatest living artist.

The collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama will be unveiled on July 10, 2012 and will coincide with Kusama’s major retrospective at the Whitney Museum in New York.  According to Women’s Wear Daily, the collection will include a number of polka dot-covered items in vibrant colours such as: pajamas, dresses, coats, shoes and bags.

There is much excitement surrounding the unveiling of the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama as one would expect.  Louis Vuitton rarely fails to deliver utter fabulousness with the luxury pieces we see season after season, while Kusama’s ecclectic approach to art will add an element we likely haven’t seen before.

To gain more insight on Yayoi Kusama and the forthcoming feature documentary ‘Kusama: Princess of Polka Dots,’ which is currently a work-in-progress, click here

Stylista Muse

This lovely aspiring actress, Dawn Glover, was an extra for a shoot I recently worked. It was a pretty hot afternoon, yet how apropos her choice of this turquoise summer dress, so light and feminine. The back detail, which I neglected to photograph, adds a great colour blocked touch in white. The choice of the red earrings and belt tied this look together nicely, and the pixie cut is such a flattering cut for Dawn’s face shape. Living in Los Angeles is so inspiring, today’s Stylista Muse could very well be tomorrow’s Oscar recipient.

So Grateful For The Kreativ Blogger Nomination!

Hurray, I’ve been nominated for my second award, the first was for Versatile Blogger and now Kreativ Blogger!

I’d like to thank Modgam, whose blog I enjoy immensely, very much for the nomination, although all I want to do after reading it is shop for the unique pieces she posts. Check out her site, it will definitely make you smile;)

In order to officially accept this Kreativ Blogger award, the 4 requirements are the following:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated me
  2. Answer the 7 questions
  3. Share 7 random facts/thoughts about myself
  4. Nominate 7 worthy blogs for the Kreative Blogger Award

Here are the 7 questions:

1. What’s your favorite song? I have many favourites, at the moment ‘old school’ Michael Jackson is in heavy rotation. Forever Came A Day, by Jackson 5, has been playing quite a bit on my iPod

2. What’s your favorite dessert? Red velvet cupcakes from Auntie Em’s in Eagle Rock… crazy, yummy goodness!

3. What do you do when you are upset? I usually get very quiet to avoid saying something I may regret, and once I’m ready to talk, I have a few in my close circle happy to listen… I don’t allow things to fester, the toxins emanated into the body are brutal!

4. Which is your favorite pet? Cats, dogs, horses, pigs, chickens… you name it, I love them all! I grew up with dogs, and presently have two adorable cats who think they are humans, Miles- 7 & Hannah- 5. I actually met someone who owns a pet pig, which is very similar to a dog, so affectionate and friendly… my point? Think twice the next time you eat porky and someday you may learn about a new addition to my entourage of pets, lol

5. Which do you prefer Black or White? This one is tough, I appreciate both… white makes me feel super chic, while black makes me feel New York cool

6. What is your biggest fear? I am fearless, not even 10% of what people fear ever comes to pass

7. What is your attitude mostly? By and large I am very peaceful, positive and laid back… I’m so blessed it would be a shame to be otherwise;)

Seven Random Facts/Thoughts About Myself:

1. I am privileged to serve & sing on the praise and worship team at, In His Presence, the most incredible church in Southern California

2. I have been a vegetarian for years, however, I don’t proselytize about it… some vegetarians are horrid meal time companions, not me

3. I love water! It is seriously my favourite beverage, I can drink it all day long

4. Photography makes me smile

5. I often day dream

6. I find the differences between men and women fascinating & beautiful

7. I have learned the most valuable knowledge from those I least expect

The Following Blogs Are My Nominees:

1. Bei Love Bei

2. Below Zero Degrees

3. Fashion In The Sticks

4. Into Mind

5. Leica Liker

6. My Life In Photos

7. Unda Design

Check out the above sites, they really are inspiring!

Stylista Muse

Although it felt like a mild heatwave today here in Southern California, you’d never be the wiser by the looks of this lovely young actress and transplant from London, Natalie Gellar.  Her look is streamlined, modern and feminine.  She is wearing a light cotton tank top with a Zara skirt, a roomy Louis Vuitton tote and Topshop shoes.  The simplicity of this ensemble is the reason I was drawn to it.  There is definitely a place for the ‘over the top’ and eccentric, nevertheless, incorporating great basics like these, adds balance.  Natalie completes her look with a pop of red nail polish…keep on the lookout for this rising star.