Whew…That Was Close

Pardon the hiatus, however, if you’ve ever moved you most likely understand the stress involved even when everything falls neatly into place.  In my case I had been looking for a good two months…nothing.  I know better than to give into anxiety, and had to continuously remind myself to breath, and keep it together.  I found myself on the verge of a panic attack on a couple of occasions, until I let it go and reconciled with the fact I wouldn’t be homeless, in the event I didn’t find a place by my move-out date.  It seems the moment I took on this attitude I found the perfect, restored vintage place, in the heart of Los Angeles!  Everything was confirmed yesterday, I move next Saturday, I’ll be posting something fashion…or beauty soon;))


Yay, I’m moving on up toward my destination!  xo

The Jumpsuit Craze

I have attempted to purchase more jumpsuits than I can count, however, each time I feel like a prison inmate when I see my reflection staring back at me in the mirror.  There are so many variations of silhouettes in jumpsuits, it really shouldn’t be so complicated, yet, for me it was.


About one year ago, I found this electric blue sleeveless silk number.  It offered a fitted silhouette, built in sash around the waist and the versatility of wearing them scrunched up or longer.  I had totally forgotten about it until I began cleaning out my closet for my upcoming move.  I must say, It was a pleasant little surprise.  This one is made by Rock Stella & Jamie…now if only I could find a flattering neutral coloured version.

Palazzo Pants…It’s Been Far Too Long, No Pun Intended

I’ve always loved palazzo pants despite the fact I once tripped flat on my face in a pair. Thankfully, two kind young men were gracious enough to help me to my feet while exclaiming they’d never seen a black woman blush, and simultaneously holding back giggles, as they planted me back on my feet.  Yes people, I was as red as a beet with brown undertones, and my poor palazzos, (not to mention my favourite garment in my wardrobe), looked as though they’d been through a shredder.  Did I mention this happened in the most populated area of Chicago?  Think Michigan Avenue, Water Tower Place, Oak Street…yeah, I know.  For those familiar, you surely understand my humiliation, although it was a hilarious sight, until the thought occurred I’d have to sit through three college classes looking pitiful!  Nonetheless, I’ve always loved this lazy, chic, effortless, somewhat androgynous look.


Welcome back Palazzo!  I’m wearing a pair of Alice+Olivia’s with an Emanuel Ungaro vintage vest and sheer fringed overlay…AND I’ll be sure not to get tripped up in my beloved palazzos on this go around.

Retinol Reform By Shani Darden

Just when I think I’ve discovered the best skin care regimen offered on this planet for my skin, someone shoves the ‘latest greatest’ into my hand, imploring me to “Just try it.”  Retinol Reform is the product of the moment for me.  So you’re wondering “What makes this product so great?”  For starters, it contains 5% pure retinol, it works gradually which prevents the skin from flaking, the depth of lines & wrinkles soften substantially, anyone is able to use it from acne prone skin to sun damaged skin and it can be used under the eyes.  You can also expect to see reduced pore size, smoother texture,  hyperpigmentation/dark spots lightened and firmer skin.

 When I met Shani, the first thing I noticed was a fresh, glowing skin.  I thought “I want whatever she’s using!”  I was thrilled to receive my very own bottle.  Not only does Shani’s skin look incredible, however, she has an A list celebrity list of clients with amazing skin!  Even guys like it and at $95 most of us are able to fit it into the budget.



An Amazing New Skincare Product…Tune In Tomorrow For The Lowdown

Tomorrow’s feature will be on one of the most effective, amazing beauty products I’ve used, just launched here in Los Angeles by A list esthetician, Shani Darden.  If you’d like smoother, brighter, retextured skin, don’t miss it!  This product is super advanced, and even the fellas like it;)).

Song: Celwydd (feat. Alys Williams)

Baby It’s Cold Outside

I know, I know…many of you from other parts of North America wince when Californians exclaim how “cold” it is.  However, it truly has been this winter, and of course we’ve had our share of a few exorbitantly hot days here and there since spring sprung.  As for me, after freezing a few nights ago because I was completely underdressed, I’m back to layering.

Today I wore my Ines de la Fressange tuxedo jacket over a white destroyed tee, a studded chambray shirt over it and a cozy Theory cashmere sweater around the waist, just in case I’d have to don it tonight at dinner.  My old favourite Joe’s white denim seemed apropos with my black moto boots…and by now, you all know how much joy I get accessorizing.

I was comfy all day into late night with this ensemble, although I had to add my scarf (not pictured) and the sweater, as the temperature plummeted a bit.

As much as I adore layering…I’ve been missing you summer,  can’t wait to bask in you soon💕

Lastly, pardon the overzealous cropper who decided my complete hair style wasn’t worth featuring..lol.

Summertime Sun Calls For A Fabulous Summer Hat

The beaming summertime sun is on the way, and every year I say I’m going to find the perfect hat.  One which will guard and protect me from those rays, unfortunately responsible for sudden outbreaks of hyper-pigmentation all over my face, if I’m not covered with my 50+ sunscreen.  For those unfamiliar, hyper-pigmentation is a harmless condition, which causes dark patches or freckles on the skin.  Anyway, as I hat hunt each season, either they’re so large I envision passersby dodging me on crowded city sidewalks ( even though there aren’t many of these in Southern California), or they’re far too small to serve as anything more than a fashion statement.  I’m happy to announce (drum roll please), Gladys Tamez has made my quest super easy.


This style is perfect!  My face is completely covered, and there is nothing obnoxious about the size.  Gladys Tamez is a millinery genius, so thrilled with this beauty!  Treat yourself to a visit to her beautiful studio for your very own treasure.

P.S. Not so sure about this retro filter I used…seems a little odd with the scratched face effect, then again, it’s not about me…focus Donyale, it’s about the fabulous hat!  So be it, a wise person once said, a few imperfections add a bit of je ne sais quoi, lol…seems like a fair trade off to me.  We could all use a smidgeon of je ne sais quoi…