Stylista Muse Of The Day

I can appreciate a tied shirt every now and then, although sometimes the look feels too grungy..natasha-n.nocrop.w431.h670There is nothing grungy about Natasha N.; shot in London for Bisous Natasha via Lookbook.  She is a great example of a tied shirt done well and with sophistication.

Brixton For Any Occasion

Bad hair day, good hair day…feeling chic? Festive?  Sophisticated? Brixton has the hat for you. I’ve worked up a collection I keep in consistent  rotation.  A great Brixton can take an outfit from mundane to maaah-va-lous dahling.  

  I quite like my latest acquisition. Check out the entire collection, choose one or many and rock it/them out!

Stylista Muse: Chic & Cozy In The California Chill

How annoying is it to listen to a Southern Californian complain about cold weather?  I’ve made the mistake of commenting a few times, rather innocently about the cold on occasion, and each time I would no longer be among the living if looks could kill.  Of course, it would be in the company of someone from the East Coast or Mid-West.  These days I’m sure not to come across as complaining, however, as one who happily embraces it. Although the weather has been inclement, we handle it with thin layers, keeping it chic and cozy.  We never know if temps will soar by midday, this way we’re able to remove pieces if necessary, while maintaining a relevant, modern look.

Natasha is rocking one of my favourite looks.  There’s no bulk, the lines are clean and black and white are timeless together.  Each of these pieces came from Natasha’s personal wardrobe.  This double breasted 3/4 length thin wool coat over a flecked grey sweater paired with skinny, white denim and the perfect stacked heel sandal, garner little Ms. Natasha, Stylista Muse…the top bun is such the icing on this look.

Palazzo Pants…It’s Been Far Too Long, No Pun Intended

I’ve always loved palazzo pants despite the fact I once tripped flat on my face in a pair. Thankfully, two kind young men were gracious enough to help me to my feet while exclaiming they’d never seen a black woman blush, and simultaneously holding back giggles, as they planted me back on my feet.  Yes people, I was as red as a beet with brown undertones, and my poor palazzos, (not to mention my favourite garment in my wardrobe), looked as though they’d been through a shredder.  Did I mention this happened in the most populated area of Chicago?  Think Michigan Avenue, Water Tower Place, Oak Street…yeah, I know.  For those familiar, you surely understand my humiliation, although it was a hilarious sight, until the thought occurred I’d have to sit through three college classes looking pitiful!  Nonetheless, I’ve always loved this lazy, chic, effortless, somewhat androgynous look.


Welcome back Palazzo!  I’m wearing a pair of Alice+Olivia’s with an Emanuel Ungaro vintage vest and sheer fringed overlay…AND I’ll be sure not to get tripped up in my beloved palazzos on this go around.

Kimono Love

I appreciate a well done Kimono, they are chic, versatile and of course, timeless.  Depending upon the textile, they can also be worn year around.  What is there not to love about a great Kimono?  As you know from a previous post, Rabens Saloner is one of my favourite designers, producing some of the most beautiful Kimonos I’ve seen.


The one featured here coaxed me with it’s dark, rich, drapery textile, subtle tie dye and detailed beading.  It took mere seconds for me to scan my wardrobe for all the possibilities and they are endless.  Since there are only so many hours in a day; I decided to settle on the one I’d probably rock most.


Denim is quintessential LA…we love it no matter the occasion.  Paired with this cozy Acne tee, and skinny Rag and Bone jeans in distressed blue, this look will flow seamlessly from day to evening.

IMG_7105By day a flat sandal is perfect, and by night, a great bootie or stiletto pump for dress up.  The beading coupled with the tie dye makes this particular Kimono a statement piece, which is why I would accessorize very little.  A dainty necklace and stud earrings would complete this look and prevent it from being too busy.

As stated, the possibilities truly are endless, it works great over a little black dress, shorts, a slip dress with the kimono cinched at the waist.  I’m super excited to don this new addition to my wardrobe, and encourage you to grab a staple Kimono to add a touch of flavour to yours.

A bit of flavour never goes out of style!

Stylista Muse Bonus Edition

Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle

This look of the feminine chic meets grunge is one I’ve been loving for some time.  I would rock every piece from head to toe, without any qualms, well maybe one… a few inches added to the dress please.  I’m no “fuddy duddy,” however, the thought of possibly “flashing” someone in the event I should have to bend over for any reason, is not one I relish…

Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle

Bonus!  I know this segment is called “Stylista Muse,” and I don’t know many men who would appreciate this moniker, so for our bonus Stylista…I mean Stylisto Muse, Julian gets my vote.  I love everything about this ensemble and if I were a fella, I’d be donning it… actually, since I’m not a fella,  I could probably feminize it with a great Louboutin pump and a few layered girly accessories.  Whatever the case may be, it’s not about me at the moment, Julian makes the debut as my first Stylisto in the history of Musings of a Stylista…I’m inspired, and on the prowl for the next.

Stylista Muse

Casey Mulligan is feminine chic in this beautiful red tulip dressed designed by Roland Mouret.  Although Casey chose to wear this lovely little number on the red carper, it is quite versatile, and would work for many different occasions.  The pairing with the blue pumps add just the right balance.

A Few Celebrities Who Know Style

Typically yellow and black is not my favourite combination…so reminiscent of bumble bees, however, Erin Heatherton proves it can be done very well.  She looks absolutely stunning in this Carolina Herrera creation.

Kate Bosworth brings such chicness to this eclectic ensemble from Burberry, of course I’m a bit biased, I have such an affinity toward owls.  Yes, this outfit would feel quite at home in my wardrobe.

The stunning Alexa Chung…simply adorable in this sassy little Celine skirt and whimsical Bella Freud sweater.